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It is, quite suddenly, actually fall--cold and rainy most days, alas. Work's picked up quite a bit, too, which I actually appreciate. When I have a busy day (as long as I am able to keep things reasonably on the rails), I feel useful, and like I've made some sort of difference in the world. That's become more important to me as time goes on. I'm not trying to make a grand statement, mind you, just little differences.

Oct. 24th, 2016

I expected to do nothing this weekend, but while I didn't leave the house much, I ended up doing a ton of research. It was one of those awesome synchronicites, where an article I read on cracked led me to a blog, which led to me books, which led to hitting the walking trail and working some disparate ideas into a coherent novel idea. I'm so excited!

The interesting thing is, as I researched--I devoured two blogs and four books over the weekend--was how it all built on my previous interests. I was primarily researching two cold cases, but they gave me the idea for more cases to research, reminded me of my interest in abandoned buildings, and reminded me of the research/book I wanted to on 9/11.

It's hard to explain--I feel almost like I'm a record that was making the scratchy noises a record makes when the needle hits the unscored surface, and then, finally, the needle found the groove, and my music is beginning to play again.

Oct. 21st, 2016

I feel like I've been run over with a freight train. I don't know what it is this week--I've been really busy, but it's more like my energy feels drained. The weather here is been swinging like anything, and I think that has a lot to do with it. After work, I like to unwind by reading, crafting, or working on my Book of Shadows. Last night, aside from cooking, showering, and reading a chapter in "The Silmarillion," I just played Stardew Valley. It was super relaxing, don't get me wrong, but I usually don't play for hours at a time like that--well, at least not since college!
The Star Trek Encyclopedia is as cool as I thought, and also about 600 pages longer than I expected. I was heaven looking at it last night. When I was a kid, whenever I got something cool and new like that, the temptation was always there to try to fake sick the next day, and a little part of me very much wanted to do that!

I also signed up for Hulu, which has about a million hours of things I want to watch, including ALL the episodes of Sailor Moon, which I've wanted to see since I was about 16.

It's exactly the right kind of day for all this, too--grey and just sort of dull. Fortunately, I go home in a couple hours, and can nest to my heart's content.

Oct. 18th, 2016

My Star Trek encyclopedia gets delivered today! It's an update of the one I had as a kid, and for ST's 50th anniversary, it's been expanded to two volumes. Unlike many books, where I look through them and set them aside for later (and later does eventually come, even if it's years later!), I plan to crack this one open immediately. With everything going on in the world right now, this sounds like a great idea to hide in the 24th Century for a while.

I actually, before the election anxiety hit me full force, had resolved to be more present and aware in what was happening with me. And I think I will--*after* this whole mess is over (for another four years, at least).

Oct. 15th, 2016

I just got back from hanging out at the mall with Matt. It was really fun, like we were teenagers again. I got the new Moana and Elena of Avalor dolls from the Disney store. I adore Moana in particular--she's one of the prettiest dolls I've owned. I also got a little lap blanket from Hot Topic with the Zelda logo on it.

My anxiety is awful lately. I think it's the election. Fortunately, I'm going over to my parents' tomorrow to see the family dog and go see "Bridget Jones's Baby," so that'll help.

Oct. 12th, 2016

Tomorrow, a book I'm really excited about comes--they did a special "10 Seasons of X-Files" books with all the episodes in it and a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff. It came out yesterday, and I somehow didn't realize it was coming out until them. I collected any books that had to do with X-Files a kid, so it's neat adding a new one. The Star Trek encyclopedia comes next week, so it's like all my childhood escapism stuff is in one place.

I'm reading Anne Lamott's writing, "Bird by Bird," which is perfect as I rediscover writing; it even has a chapter called "Shitty First Drafts," which made me laugh. I'm trying to take one bit of advice of hers to heart, which is just taking it in bite-size, paragraph-size, chunks.
When I woke up Saturday, I found out the developer of Stardew Valley released the big update I'd been looking forward to! A lot of things about the actual farming process were changed, and I'm looking forward to those, but the thing I'm happiest about is that Shane is now a marriageable character! I was way more interested in him when I played for the first time than any of the actual candidates, and I guess I wasn't the only one. I had to make myself stop clearing my farm last night so I could go to bed.

Going to dinner tonight with my sister a friend of hers tonight. Pasta, yay!

Oct. 7th, 2016

I think the very worst of the cold is behind me. I've had to work, as it's midterm week and the week before fall break, and there was just too much for me to do. Fortunately, I have nothing planned this weekend, so I can rest and recover.

I've mentioned restarting Stardew Valley and WOW, and this weekend might be a good way to do that. I know the opening quests and the opening bit of SV so well that, while not auto pilot, it doesn't require a ton of concentration. Perfect for gaming while on a cold!

Oct. 5th, 2016

I have one hell of a cold. My sister had it, so I knew I'd end up with it. Fortunately, the next few days at work aren't too bad, and then it'll be the weekend and I can rest.

My Star Trek encyclopedia comes in less than two weeks! They expanded the one I had as a kid into two volumes and put it in a slipcase, sort of like the Star Wars one I already have. I can't wait to dive into it. Once I watch the Stars Wars movies--I haven't seen the prequels--I want to really get into those as well. I like to keep my fantasy life varied, after all!



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